Storage Tips

Published on 8/15/2022
Here are some helpful tips for storing your goods:
  • Take photo or video of your packed unit and keep this off site.
  • Use a really good quality lock that is hard to cut off.
  • Remember that your lease prohibits the storage of flammables, explosives, food that may attract rodents, and toxic chemicals.
  • Try to drape a piece of material, tarp, or heavy cloth over storage. Metal buildings sometimes will experience condensation or “sweat” in changing seasons and it also helps keep dust off.
  • Periodical checks are recommended during a severe rainy season or extreme hot weather. If you are going to be out of the area, you may want to leave your key with someone local who can do this for you. Open your door and air out your unit on a nice, breezy day.
  • If your door ever becomes stuck or comes off track, do not force it. Come to the office or call us and report the problem. We will not be responsible for any unit with storage left unsecured. 
  • Leave enough room around and through your items for air circulation.
  • Do not lean items against the walls. It is best to completely cover the floor with plastic before putting down pallets or wood. Always try and place storage on pallets. Most storage facilities are constructed on concrete floors and concrete tends to absorb moisture. An open bag of kitty litter or scattered cedar shavings help to control moisture and gives your storage a fresh odor.
  • To retard rust on metal surfaces, wipe the surfaces with a little machine oil.
  • Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth between them.
  • Cover furniture with blankets to protect them from damage from other items and help with dust.
  • Use plastic boxes such as Rubbermaid whenever possible. These are especially good on the bottom layer where they will protect against moisture or in the case of a small flood.
  • Treat leather with leather conditioner. Before placing any kind of wooden furniture into storage, was well with wood varnish. This will help prevent moisture from affecting the wood.
  • Use mattress bags and covers.
  • Place photographs between pieces of cardboards and tape the pieces together to prevent curling. Consider not storing photographs or put them into climate control. 
  • Seal all cardboard boxes with tape.
  • Pack pillows and sofa cushions in protective bags to keep them clean.
  • Store small and/or valuable items like TVs, stereos, etc. in the back of the unit in unmarked boxes with large, heavier items in front of them.
  • Wrap electronics in clean linen.
  • Always leave your refrigerator and freezer doors propped open to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Be sure to empty all water from your washing machines to prevent the motor from freezing and busting during the winter.